16 November 2014

Autumn Head 2014

Another fantastic of racing was hosted by Northwich Rowing Club today.  Weather conditions were excellent the wind and rain stayed away and the temperature was warm for the time of year!

Almost 300 crews competed in 3 divisions over the 2350m course on the River Weaver

J18A.4x- Northwich RC NOW-Langmead 07:46.5

SUE BENYON TROPHY - Fastest Ladies Crew
W.ELI.4x- Runcorn RC RUN-Tavernier 09:07.1

THE FAITH V. MURRAY CUP - Fastest Junior Ladies J14 Quad Crew
WJ14.4x+ Runcorn RC/ Trafford RC TRF-Tavernier 10:11.4

05 October 2014

George Musker Awards 2014

Winners in order of presentation

Salt of the Earth Award - Faith Murray

Chaimans Award - Lisa Murphy

Bill Cotton Award for club person of the year - Claire and Adam Webster

The Grange Award for Endeavour - Gawin Cowell

Eddie Phillips Vetran of the Year - Elaine Young

Eddie Phillips Junior of the Year - George Lawton

Dennis Mills Coxing Trophy - Tom Swithenbank

The Simon Crouchley Coaching Award - Mike Palfreyman

Irvine Award for most improved rower - Claire Irons

George Musker Award for Acheivement - Lucy Burgess

02 August 2014

Warrington Regatta

Wins for the:

J18 4x - Finn Lawton, Harry Blake, George Lawton and Zak Trigg

Junior Mixed 8

28 July 2014

Bewdley Regatta

Saturday 800m:

IM2 4+ - John Johnson, Stew Plant, Simon Tomlinson, Andy Malins and cox. Ellie Briegal.

Sunday 500m:

Mixed Masters B 4+ - John Johnson, Adam Webster, Mary Ozsanlav-Harris and Claire Webster

21 June 2014

Stratford Regatta

Victories in the:

WJ15 2x - Amelia Berry and Hannah Cooney

WJ15 4x+ - Amelia Berry, Hannah Cooney, Beth Wilford-Dutton, Anya George and cox. Saffron Coppock

WJ16 4x+ - Leila Mcgrorty, Harriet Anderson, Anya George, Beth Wilford-Dutton and cox. Saffron Coppock

WJ16 4+ - Abbie Davies, India Trigg, Callie Bloodworth, Victoria Gardner and cox. Imogen Martindale

J13 1x - Tom Swithenbank

J16 1x - George Lawton

10 May 2014

Shrewsbury Regatta

Saturday 1000m:

WIM3 4x - Dee Hewitt, Jenny Jones, Caroline Paterson, Emma Winsor and Georgia Hogg

IM2 Mixed 8 - Sam Coverley, Chris Rhodes-Bell, Ellie Preece, Rachel Hooper, John Johnson, Adam Webster, Claire Webster, Claire Miller and Cox. Tom Swithenbank.

WJ14 2x - Katherine Schofield and Emma Pullam.

J15 2x - George Crouchley and Rhys Coffey.

IM3 1x - Grey Murphy.

J16 2x - George Lawton and Chris Malley.

J16 1x - George Lawton.

Sunday 600m:

IM3 Mixed 8: Sam Coverley, Chris Rhodes-Bell, Emma Winsor, Dee Hewitt, John Johnson, Adam Webster, Jenny Jones, Claire Irons and Cox. James Morrison.

04 May 2014

Wallingford Regatta

2nd - J18 4x - Finn Lawton, Zak Trigg, Leon Langmead and Alex Baine

5th J17 2x Harry Blake and Leon Langmead

03 May 2014

Merseyside Regatta

J15 2x - Beth Willford-Dutton and Amelia Berry. 

York Regatta

J15 4x+ - Greg Murphy, Lawrence Williams, Matt Radford, Rhys Coffey and Cox. Tom Swithenbank

J15 2x - Rhys Coffey and Matt Radford

J16 1x - George Lawton

J16 2x - George Lawton and Chris Malley

IM3 4+ - George Crouchley, Alex Hine, Mike Lundy, Matt Roberts and Cox. Jack Kock.

WIM3 4+ - Dee Hewiit, Jenny Jones, Emma Winsor, Georgia Hogg and Cox. Caroline Patterson.

05 April 2014

Northwich Spring Head

1st Division:

J18 1x - Alex Bain

J17 1x - Leon Langmead

J16 1x - Matt Roberts

J13 1x - Tom Swithenbank

2nd Division:

J18 4x- - Finn Lawton, Tom Asteriades, Zak Trigg and Harry Blake.

Masters D/E 8+ - Doug Pickup, Andrew Malins, Simon Crouchley, Steve Wignall, Simon Bannister, Nev Hand, Brian Roberts, Tom Kilkenny and Cox. Sophie Crooks.

Novice 8+ - George Crouchley, Lawrence Williams, Matt Radford, Rhys Coffey, Jack Radford, James Cole, Tom Porter, Greg Murphy and Cox. Tom Swithenbank.

J16 4x- Jack Koch, Chris Malley, Alex Hine And Matt Roberts.

W Nov 4+ - Abigail Davis, Callie Bloodworth, India Trigg, Victoria Gardner and Cox. Lydia Dickinson.

Sen 2+ - Phil Hewitt and Andy Kelsall.

IM1 4+ - Adam Webster, Matt Fuller, John Johnson and Sam Coverley

Division 3:

J18 2x - Finn Lawton and Zak Trigg.

Masters C 2x - Andrew Malins and Simon Crouchley.

Nov 4+ - Greg Murphy, Rhys Coffey, Lawrence Williams, Matt Radford and Cox. Tom Swithenbank.

W Nov 8+ - Abigail Davies, Callie Bloodworth, Victoria Gardner, India Trigg, Emma Roberts, Libby Chaplin, Harriet Anderson, Leila McGrorty, and Cox. Lydia Dickinson.

W J15 4x+ - Hannah Cooney, Amelia Barry, Beth Willford-Dutton, Imogen Martindale and Cox. Saffron Coppock.

02 March 2014

English Indoor Rowing Championships J18 team champions.

Congratulations to Finn Lawton, Zak Trigg, Harry Blake and Leon Langmead on winning The English Team J18 Indoor Championships.