27 October 2012

Runcorn Small Boats Head - Saturday 6th October

Northwich Rowing Club sent a full trailer of boats to the Runcorn Head,  which had its largest entry for many years.  Northwich was represented by J14 boys, J15 boys and girls, J16 boys,  J17 boys, Womens Masters, Womens IM1 and Womens IM3.

The Northwich crews won the following medals:

W IM1 2x Lucy Burgess and Poppy Burgess

Womens Masters C/D 4+   Claire Holt, Carolyn Macritchie, Carole Riddell, Elaine Young
                                             Cox: Ellie Briegal.

The junior boys and girls rowed well but unfortunately did not win any medals. Harry Blake J16 (Northwich) took a seat in a Grange School J16A 4x- which won its category and was the second fastest boat of the day.

Boston Marathon 16th September 2012

The Boston Marathon takes place on the third Sunday in September. This year it was Sunday 16th. Crews row 31 miles from Lincoln to Boston along the River Witham. Northwich Rowing Club entered two crews a J17 mixed eight and a J17 single.

J17 Single - Tom Asteriades completed the marathon in 4hrs 33 mins - a fantastic achievement.

J17 Mixed Eight - from bow, Samantha Over, Ashleen Hudson, Nathan Jump, Liam Anderson, Zac Trigg, Katie Meehan, Izzy Philps (Grange School), Alex Murphy, Cox: Craig Milne. The mixed eight completed the marathon in 4 hrs 21mins.

The club are extremely proud of the J17 juniors who took on the challenge of the Boston Marathon and successfully completed it.

15 October 2012

Northwich RC President’s Trophy Oct 2012

Northwich Rowing Club President, Mr. Clifford Salt, resident of Weaverham, aged 95 yr is very proud to present “The Salt of the Earth” Trophy to be awarded to a club member for “Honourable Services to the Northwich Rowing Club Fraternity” at the annual George Musker Awards on Sunday 14 October 2012.

The trophy was awarded to Mrs. Clare Briegal, former Club Captain standing down after 4 successful years, who was delighted to be the first recipient of this award.

Cliff has been President of Northwich Rowing Club for the past 15 years and has had a very strong affiliation with the River Weaver and the rowing club.

Growing up in Northwich he was brought up to love and respect the River Weaver and was inspired by his father, who was a “Steam Packet Captain” of some repute. 
It was while he was a “messenger boy” at I.C.I. in 1931, aged 14, he was introduced to Northwich Rowing Club by a member and asked to cox a men’s crew. Lightweight, with a natural aptitude and loud voice, Cliff inspired his crew to victory at Lancaster John O’ Gaunt Rowing Club Regatta, when they won the County Plate Trophy in 1932!

In 1933 to 1938 he gained an I.C.I. apprenticeship then built the first “Continuous Production Polythene Compressor” for RN & RAF “Anti Submarine Detection” for World War 2 destruction. Cliff, subsequently, joined the Royal Navy in 1941 and saw active service during the war in HMS Jamaica & the N Africa landings. He gained an Engineering Commission as Engineer Lieutenant in a River Cross Frigate, HMS Bann.

A chance encounter brought Cliff back to the club 60 years later in 1992 where he resumed his eloquent duties as a coxswain with senior and junior crews. He was delighted, in 1997, to win a tankard at Warrington Regatta in his 80th year with a Novice women’s crew. In 2002, he became Vale Royal “Sportsman of the Year”.
We, at NRC, believe he was the oldest active coxswain in the UK with his final win in his 90th year with the Northwich Junior girls Eight at Northwich Regatta in 2006.

Cliff with his vast knowledge and charismatic character has become a legend at the Club. His passion will live on with this glorious cup presented each year.