27 February 2012

Head of the Trent Race 2012

This weekend the club travelled south to compete at the very popular Head of the Trent at Nottingham on Sunday 26th February.
Traditionally, the weather can be challenging, however this year the competitors had mild, calm conditions. This race attracts clubs from the length and breadth of the country and is recognized as a major Head race covering 6000m, preparing many crews for the forthcoming Head races on the Tideway in London in March.

NRC entered three Eights represented by the Junior squads returning with a resounding win for the Women’s Novice category and a second place for the Men’s Novice category both racing the shorter course of 3800m.
The older Junior girls raced the longer 6000m in the WIM3 8+ made up of 18 crews finishing 11th in their category.

The Junior coaches, Kevin Jump, Dave Annells & Mike Palfreyman were delighted and impressed with the crews performances and have high hopes for these aspiring young athletes when they next race at the NW Junior Time Trial for selection to the represent the North West at the highly competitive Junior Inter Regional Regatta in late April.

Women’s Novice 8+ won this category by a decisive 35 seconds in 13:04.
The NRC / Grange crew was represented by the WJ16 girls who have been improving their boat speed and technique week on week. The girls have gained a lot of confidence from this experience,racing against strong contenders from outside our region and this win will inspire them for their next race at the NW Time Trial on 4 March.
NRC/Grange Crew Win
Libby Weltman, Olivia Oaks, Sam Over, Ash Husdon, Kristian Purchase,
Issie Philps (Grange), Beth Chaplin, Kate Meehan cox Chloe Weston.

Men’s Novice 8+ represented by the older Junior boys finished a resounding second place in 11:46 out of 14 crews from clubs, universities and schools,many a lot older in age than them! They too will be main contenders at the NW Time Trial next week.
Joe Ronalds, Fynn Lawton, Nathan Jump, Rian Gamble, Zak Trigg
Tom Astirades, Liam Adamson, Alex Murphy, cox Craig Milne

The Women’s Novice squad enthusiastically entered a coxed four racing the 3800m course, furthering their race experience.

NRC will attend: NW Junior Time Trial, Runcorn RC, 4 March
North of England Head Race, Chester, 10 March

20 February 2012

Junior GB Squad Trials Triumph!

Northwich did very well at this weekend's (17/18 Feb) trials with Lucy Burgess winning on both days.

On Saturday she won JW1x convincingly in a time of 21:44.4
On Sunday, with her 2x partner, Katie Bartlett from Nottingham, she again won the event with Emily Ford (Grange) and Jess Leyden (Hollingworth Lake) coming second.

In the boys races, Hugo Norris did well to finish 17th in the 1x on Saturday and 14th in the 2x on Sunday with his partner Luke Ozanlav-Harris (Grange).
The trials take place at Boston, Lincolnshire over 5000m

Trafford Head Race 2012

Northwich Rowing Club entered a variety of crews of all ages travelling the short distance to south Manchester’s, Trafford Rowing Club based at Sale’s, Walton Park on Sat 17th February to race the Trafford Head Race.
This processional timed race covers 3200m on the historic Bridgewater Canal and was well attended from clubs with in the region.
For many of the rowers this was a new experience; rowing on a narrow canal rather than a wide river. Division 1 competitors suffered from the disagreeable cold, wet weather conditions in the morning which thankfully passed through to bring sunshine accompanied by heavy, hail showers for the rest of the day!

The club was delighted to return with five wins from nine entries.

The Men’s Novice coxed Eight was the Fastest Boat of the day with a final time of 10:39.37. The older junior boys rowed extremely well and were delighted with a decisive win over Agecroft RC.

Intermediate 3 coxed Eight were equally proud of their win beating Trafford RC and Agecroft RC in 10:50.04. It was good to have a win for the Senior men as this squad has dwindled in numbers over the years. It is rapidly growing in strength and confidence and shows potential for the coming season. The crew comprising of older junior boys, graduates from the Learn 2 Row programme and more experienced rowers have been training through the winter in fours and will compete in the forthcoming Eights Head races at Chester and London.

Women’s Intermediate 3 coxed Eight had a very successful win over Trafford RC by over a minute, racing the course in 12:12.38. The older junior girls (16yr & 17yr) entered two eights. This squad has been developing well over the winter and shows a determination to win. These crews will be competing in March at the North West Junior Time Trial for selection to represent the North West at the Inter Regionals in the Spring.

Women’s Masters D coxed Four winning, in a new formation, against Hollingworth Lake RC by over a minute.

Women’s Junior 14 coxed quad raced the 3200m extremely well with one of the crew members racing the distance twice! Callie Bloodworth and her crew won in Division 2. She no sooner finished the race in Division 2 and was back in the boat as a substitute for the other NRC crew racing in Division 3, who unfortunately were beaten by Warrington RC.

The Women’s novice squad which is growing in number and capability was well represented by a coxed Four made up from graduates of the Learn 2 Row programme.

NRC Crew winners
The Men’s Novice coxed Eight:
Lewis Morgan, Fynn Lawton, Nathan Jump, Rian Gamble, Zak Trigg
Tom Astirades, Liam Adamson, Alex Murphy, cox Craig Milne

Intermediate 3 coxed Eight:
Andy Malins, Nick Parkes, Adam Webster, Geoff Sims, Chris Crawford,
Phil Hewitt, Sam Coverley, Shane Dickinson, cox James Morrison

Women’s Intermediate 3 coxed Eight:
Libby Weltman, Olivia Oaks, Sam Over, Ash Husdon, Kristian Purchase, Daisy Dell, Beth Chaplin, Kate Meehan cox Chloe Weston

Women’s Masters D coxed Four:
Carolyn MacRitchie, Carole Riddell, Clare Holt, Elaine Young
cox Jonty Moore

Women’s Junior 14 coxed quad:
Sophie Bury, Callie Bloodworth, Emma Roberts, Vicky Gardner
cox Sam Platt

The next event NRC will attending is The Head of the Trent, Nottingham
25 February.
NW Junior Time Trial, Runcorn RC, 4 March.

13 February 2012

The English Indoor Rowing Championships, 12 Feb 2012

NRC return with haul of medals!

The English Indoor Rowing Championships took place at the National Cycling Center, Manchester Veledrome on Sunday 12 Feb 2012. This is now the second largest, after the British, indoor rowing event organised by Hollingworth Lake Rowing Club. The event uses Concept2 rowing machines, 40 of them to be precise, all whizzing away at the same time and connected to a big screen showing how the competitors are progressing in their races.

The event is very popular attracting athletes from all over the country and even further afield. The races for individuals and teams cover all age categories starting at 9.30 in the morning and running through to 4.30 in the afternoon. Athletes aged from 10 years old through to 76 competed for medals, titles and records.

Northwich RC have successfully competed in this event for a number of years but this year the Club entered a large number of athletes of all ages mainly made up from the Junior squads and returned with an impressive haul of medals - 1 Gold: 3 Silver: 5 Bronze
Vicky Cheshire, a member of the Women’s squad & a graduate of the Learn 2 Row programme, entered 3 separate categories winning Gold in the 500m, Silver in the 2000m individual events and narrowly missing a Bronze with the Women’s Open Team.
The Junior boys and girls squads competed across the age categories, displaying strength, stamina and determination by winning 2 Silver and 5 Bronze medals in the individual and team events.

NRC WINNERS medals - 1 Gold: 3 Silver: 5 Bronze
Gold 30+ Hwt wn 500m Vicky Cheshire
Silver 30-39 Hwt wn 2,000m Vicky Cheshire
Silver WJ18 Team 3,000m Harriet Beesley, Chloe Tulley,
Alex Walton, Alice Elliott
Silver MJ16 Team 3,000m Nathan Jump, Liam Adamson,
Tom Asteradies, Fynn Lawton
Bronze WJ16 Team 3,000m Ash Hudson, Libby Weltman,
Olivia Oak, Sam Over
Bronze WJ14 Team 3,000m Leila MacGorty, Callie Bloodworth,
Harriet Smith, Hollingworth Lake RC sub.
Bronze MJ15 indiv 5 min Harry Blake
Bronze MJ14 indiv 4 min Greg Murphy
Bronze WJ14 indiv 4 min Callie Bloodworth