26 May 2013

Shrewsbury Regatta Saturday 11th May

Northwich crews  had 3 wins at Shrewsbury Regatta:

WJ14.2x -  Amelia Berry and Hannah Cooney

J14.4x+ - Thomas Porter, Matthew Radford, Greg Murphy, Lawrence Williams
                Cox: Tom Swithenbank

Masters F/G/H Double Sculls - Andy Simpson and Bernie Meegan.
                                                The first race for the men was a dead heat so they raced again with success
                                                for the Northwich men.

08 May 2013

Merseyside Regatta Sat 4th May and Wallingford Regatta Sunday 5th May

Northwich had 5 wins and 1 second place at the Merseyside Regatta hosted by Liverpool Victoria Rowing Club.

The J15.4+ boys won by 7 lengths:

From bow:  Alex Hine, Mike Lundy, George Lawton, Chris Malley and Cox: Jack Hudson

The WJ15.4x+ won by 2 and  a half lengths:

From bow: Amelia Berry, Emma Roberts, Abbie Davies, India Trig and Cox: Imogen Martindale

The W.MAS.C/D 1x won by 2 and a half lengths:

Claire Briegal

The Mx.IM3.4+ won by a distance:

From bow: Sam Coverley, Adam Webster, Beth Chaplin, Katie Meehan and Cox: Ashlene Hudson

The Mx.Nov.4+ won by a distance:

From bow: Daisy Dell,Tory Scott, Liam Adamson, Alex Murphy and Cox: Ashlene Hudson

The J14.2x came in 2nd place and received a silver medal

Lawrence Williams and Greg Murphy

Down at Eton Dorney on Sunday the NRC elite double and quad were competing in the Wallingford Regatta.

The J18.2x won their event - Finn Lawton and Tom Asteriades

The quad was the 7th fastest boat out of 24 and just missed out on a place in the final by 0.9s!

From bow:  Harry Blake, Zac Trig, Tom Asteriades, Finn Lawton.


01 May 2013

Junior Inte-regionals at Nottingham - 27/4/2013

Harry Blake won a bronze medal in a composite J16 8+. The crew was Harry Blake from Northwich, Henry Hart from  Runcorn and 6 Grange School boys.

They did well in their heats and made the 'A' final. At the start of the final they had a boat stopping crab after 10 strokes but still managed to to move up from 6th place to 3rd place ,just missing out on a silver medal by 1.1sec!